Workshop: Self with Others – Discovering Ensemble in Performance

John Britton, Self with Others Workshop in Barn Studio

Ensemble Performance workshop

Whitestone weekend workshop with John Britton

This workshop is suitable for actors, improvisors, dancers, those who train others through improvisation, and any bold and reasonably fit novices who are committed to exploring physicality in performance. The workshop will combine fixed exercises, structured improvisations and performance scores, to develop your ability to pay attention to ‘liveness’, the workings of the body-mind, the details of task and sensitivity to others. Underlying the work is a suite of principles that can be used in all performance work, including the central importance of taking pleasure in all tasks.


John Britton is a teacher, director and performer who has been developing his approach to Ensemble Improvisation for the last twenty years. His work is based in both theatre and dance, drawing influences from European Laboratory Theatre and from the improvisation work pioneered in the US dance world in the 60s and 70s. He is Artistic Director of Duende as well as having an extensive practice as an improvising performer, both as soloist and with Quiddity Theatre. He performs and teaches extensively round the world, including, in recent years, in Greece, France, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, China as well as the UK. He trained for a number of years with Al Wunder when he lived in Melbourne in the 1990s. John’s book on Ensemble Performance was published by Methuen in 2013.
To find out more about his work go to as well as his Facebook site DUENDE.
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